God My Father

“I’m no longer a slave to fear, I AM a CHILD of GOD”

Taiwan has been such a blessing to me. I have been through many joys and many sorrows in the two months I have been here. I am currently enrolled in language school for the next two months. Taiwan is a new mission for FMC. As we take it slow and help Fr. Francis with his ministry needs, we have been staying open to anyone who asks about the Catholic faith. There have already been many encounters of people wanting to learning more. It is very clear that God is working hard in the hearts of Taiwan. I am still very new to this missionary work and a foreign form of communication called “a blog”. So I don’t actually know how to put in words what I am experiencing so I decided to write about how God has been working in my heart.


^^^We made a trip to Hong Kong to get some visa issues figured out. we were greeted very well by some friends the Church in Taiwan has.^^^^

A huge way God has been speaking to me is through the witness of the fathers He put into my life. I would say I am a daddy’s girl. We usually don’t have the deepest conversations and his humor kind of drives me up a wall. But there is something special about his presence and the speechless love he has shown me. It brings this kind of comfort, safety, and peace. If you wanted me to describe my dad, I would say he is the hardest working man I have ever met. He works his butt off to provide for us and he doesn’t just do a “good enough” job. He tries to go above and beyond to make it worth doing. And if ever I am feeling sad or sick, he loves to go out of his way to care for me.

When I joined FMC and moved to Louisiana for training, I got the chance to get close with many of the fathers there. They all brought something special with them wherever they went. Sometimes it was singing a song while in the breakfast line, saying a random joke that makes you almost spit your food out, or even just a simple sharing of how God has worked in their lives. I could learn something new about a father’s love every time I talk to one.

Growing up, I knew some about the Catholic faith, how God is our father, and how we can have a personal relationship with Jesus. But I didn’t understand why. It wasn’t until I met some missionaries who were on fire for their faith. I didn’t know how they got it, but I knew I wanted it. Up until a few weeks ago, I usually shared with people that I only wanted to be a missionary so that I can be around those cool people who gave their life to God. It was just recently revealed to me that I just really wanted Jesus, so much that I became a missionary to try to get Him.

I will be honest, I was pretty worried to get to know God my father. He just seems so big and scary all the time. But I know everything good that I have seen in these other fathers, all come from God. I believe that my dad and these other dads are only able to love their children so unconditionally because they allow God to love them first.

The reason I write about this is to share that God uses the simple things in life to open our eyes to His power and glory. They get you thinking and digging deep inside your thoughts and feelings that you wouldn’t normally reach to. This is how He normally speaks to me. We naturally want to look up to our fathers and learn from them. I believe that God created us that way in order for us to take that desire and turn it towards desiring Him.

Topic switch. Michael Henderson is a Taekwondo world champion (x8) and has offered to teach us. Three times a week I join my teammates and the Henderson family in a time of community and hard work. With every belt comes a form that you must master before moving on to a higher rank. I have been watching the kids practice theirs for a few weeks now. Each form is different and I enjoy watching every one. One night we all took turns practicing our forms in front of the class. While everyone presented their own separate form, I admired the talent and result of the hard work that went into them. Michael then jumped in and showed us his form. Not only was it very complicated, it was very long. The one thing that stood out to me was how a large chunk of the moves that were in his form were in the other forms I have watched.

Why am I mentioning this? The word “disciple” means a follower or a student. We are disciples of Jesus. That means we are to learn How to live like Him. Jesus wants us to become more like Him every day. From the very beginning He teaches us what we need to know and how to put it into action. First, He teaches us what to do, then He helps us perfect it. He does not frown upon us when we mess up, He looks at us and loves us as His beloved children.

God is my Father.

And I will never stop being reminded of his love from all the blessings He pours upon me.


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